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Therapeutic Framework:

My theoretical perspective is an Existential/Psychodynamic one.  However, I find that I utilize a range of approaches within my practice such as clinical applications of hypnosis, Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Therapy (developing clear thinking), Behavioral Therapy (developing effective behavior).  My experience has shown me that people incorporate change in a variety of ways; thus my practice includes working with individuals, couples and families.  I see each person as complete and utilize each client’s subjective experience and uniqueness during therapy, while making use of the client’s belief systems and strengths.

It is my belief that psychotherapy is a collaboration between the therapist and client.  It is a relationship in which the client should feel safe to explore their situation, thoughts and feelings as they surface within the framework of the therapeutic relationship.  The presence of a meaningful therapeutic relationship should be a fundamental aspect of the therapy.  If developed, the client utilizes the therapeutic alliance in order to explore boundaries, possibilities and meaning as they increase awareness.

The method of Existential/Psychodynamic therapy is rooted in deep personal reflection.  The client explores motives and fears while developing the capability to make meaning, embrace freedom, perceive choices and reduce shame and guilt within their life.  During this exploration the client will gain awareness to the origins of their conflict and expand their ability to embrace and accept who they are.  It is also my belief that when the client is able to perceive the self as whole rather than split they will experience the ability to improvise within their life rather than feel stuck and growth will no longer be restricted.  This will also assist the client in experiencing a reduction in their suffering and in developing the ability to imagine and create change.  The client also becomes empowered to engage more fully in a relationship with themselves and others, while benefiting from a wider range of experiences.