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Most of my clients come to psychotherapy with a desire to create positive change within their personal and/or professional life. Their goals range from increasing their awareness, finding relief of unnecessary stress and suffering, developing the ability to create healthy and intimate relationships, working on personal development, breaking unhealthy patterns and obtaining relief from psychological pain, trauma and loss. Psychotherapy can help people heal from past experiences in order to develop the awareness and the skills neccessary to handle challenging situations in the present. In addition, people learn to problem solve, to respond rather than react and to create stability within their lives. Psychotherapy is also a valuable tool with which each individual can create the life they want which includes but is not limited to, creating healthy intimate, personal, and family relationships, and most importantly a more honest and aware connection with one self.

Some universal concerns for which psychotherapy is beneficial are as follows:


Adolescent concerns

Anger management


Coping skills


Domestic violence

Eating disorders

Emotional abuse

Family relations

Gay, lesbian & transgender issues

Grief & Loss

Healing from abuse

Interpersonal concerns

Mental health symptoms

Mood disorders

Partner/relationship problems

Personal growth

Physical abuse



Sexual abuse


Trauma & recovery

Somatic complaints

Women's issues